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This unique website is designed by a Nephrologist as a comprehensive resource for all. It is also updated frequently by the Nephrologist. It is built primarily for the benefit of all patients and their families. We also have resources for the Primary Care Providers, Nephrologists and other subspecialty Physicians involved in the care of the “Kidney Patient”. The Kidney Patient is the center of all our efforts.

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You will find this site to be very informative and helpful, filled with articles and links that will answer the majority of your concerns and questions related to Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Transplantation, Dialysis, Metabolic Syndrome, “Diabesity®” as well Cardiovascular diseases in general. Over the past few years, there has been a major increase in the incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease with a lagging number of Physicians who are formally trained and have the skills to diagnose and treat Kidney Disease, in order to prevent Kidney Failure and Dialysis. Hypertension and Diabetes, mostly preceded by Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity continue to account for the majority of causes leading to Kidney Failure.

A tsunami of Diabesity®, Metabolic Syndrome and cardiovascular disease including Kidney Failure and Dialysis of this magnitude requires extraordinary measures like the website of THE VIRTUAL NEPHROLOGIST.

Reversing Kidney Failure and Dialysis is our dream. Arresting the progression of Kidney Failure is our hope and vision. Controlling and delaying the progression of Kidney Disease is an attainable goal.

Your health is the most valuable asset you have.

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