COVID Vaccine Long Term Side Effects, Part 1

Join me as I document my reaction for 52 weeks.

I decided to receive the Moderna vaccine and will record my journey for the next 52 weeks in the form of weekly videos to update you of any side effects in the short or medium term. Also, I want to help you decide what to do.

It’s been nine days since I had the vaccination and I’m going to share with you exactly what happened on day number one. The initial vaccine was very easy, very simple, and I really did not have any pain in the injection site. I really did not feel that there was anything health wise that stopped me from enjoying life to the fullest and doing everything I was able to do before. This is the first week and almost nine days. I have been doing great. The most important is the fact that I feel to some extent liberated. I wish you the best and I hope you stay healthy and stay safe and enjoy life.

Be sure to follow along for my weekly updates:

Your health is the most valuable asset you have.

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