Improve Your Immunity for COVID-19

My heart is aching as I hear the news about another wave of COVID.

As a nephrologist working in the intensive care unit and a doctor who has taken care of COVID patients, Here is what we have learned over the past year and a half

  1. Vitamin D: it is easy to take this over the counter vitamin daily and get out in the sun to produce this naturally to lower your risk of catching COVID and if you were to get COVID, a milder case (learn more about Vitamin D here
  2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep: reduce your lights and exposure to your cell phone to get more restful sleep
  3. Watch your diet: being overweight and consuming lots of carbohydrates is correlated with worse cases of COVID
  4. Clear your lungs: use expectorants like hot tea, honey, turmeric and ginger and utilize the prone position to mobilize the secretions in your lungs while coughing (watch my video about proning here

If you’re a healthcare provider or you want to consult your doctor about the following proven treatment options:

  1. Dexamethasone: alleviate pneumonia
  2. Inhaled Steroids: reduce pulmonary symptoms
  3. Colchicine: managing cytokine storm, reduces hospitalization, intubations and death (COlCORONA STUDY).
  4. Vitamin D

Do these things in advance to prepare and improve your immunity to guard you against COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

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Your health is the most valuable asset you have.

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