Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

key failure is the tip of the iceberg

Chronic Kidney Disease, CKD, is well recognized as a new silent risk factor for premature death. Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension remain the leading cause for kidney failure and Dialysis or the need for Kidney Transplantation.

RISK FACTORS FOR KIDNEY DISEASE: Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Family history of Kidney Disease, Cigarette smoking, Previous stroke or a heart attack, and the age over 60.

Screening leads to early detection. Early detection and intervention intervention reduces the risk for progression to End-Stage Renal Disease, ESRD, with the need for dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Great video which simplifies the screening and early detection: SCREENING FOR CKD

Other causes include Cystic diseases, Glomerulonephritis and congenital disorders.

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Normal Kidneys

Normal Kidneys

A normal kidney function is a gift and a blessing we just have and should be appreciative for. Yet, there are many diseases that lead to kidney damage and failure.

The world celebrates a kidney day, because they are so precious as well as touch every corner of the earth. We at The Virtual Nephrologist also raise awareness about Kidney disease, on World Kidney Day, WKD 2020

Please, visit the kidney school to learn about the normal kidney function, the meaning of all blood tests you take, how to preserve your kidneys and some common diseases which affect the kidneys.


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Chronic Kidney Disease, CKD, is now being well recognized as a major risk factor for cardiovascular events.

When smoking is combined with CKD, it amplifies the risk for progression to total kidney failure and to major cardiovascular events.

Do not underestimate the risk to your health of Chronic Kidney Disease. Take it seriously. It is not just a number on a blood test, even though you have no symptoms. IT IS A MAJOR RISK.

Need Support? Renal Support Network

For Providers:

Clinical Practice Guidelines for CKD

Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease – POSITION PAPER


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