Update on my Reaction to COVID Vaccine

Learn about promising drug Colchicine and COVID-19.


This is an update about my reaction to the vaccination, after having a clinical case of COVID. Now it’s been almost 10 days since my second Moderna vaccination, and I’m experiencing no side effects. The only thing I remember is that I feel great regarding my concern and my worry about whether I’m going to get sick again or not. What I wanted to do during this video is to share with you the latest great study called the Colchicine Corona Study conducted by the Montreal Heart Institute led by Doctor Jean Claude Tardif, published two weeks ago. If you take colchicine 0.5 milligrams twice a day for three days, followed by .5 milligrams for 27 days after you’re diagnosed with COVID via PCR out of your nose, you reduce your risk of needing to be on a ventilator by 50% and reduce your risk by 44% of dying. It’s been used for 200 years, and it’s been on the market for more than I can remember, and it will be a game-changer. Stay safe, stay healthy and look into this. You may save a life.

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